Assortment of Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh

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According to the difference of material, Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh could be classified as the following types.

302 Stainless Steel: Low grade stainless steel alloy, very economical cost and produced as a standard stainless grade.

304 Stainless Steel: 304 Stainless Steel is the basic stainless alloy, and unless otherwise specified it is assumed that this type is acceptable. Also called 18-8 due to 18% chromium and 8% nickel. 304 Stainless Steel melts at 2600 degrees F (1430 C) but its maximum recommended temperature for continuous service is 1450 degrees F. (790 C) and is useful for intermediate service up to 1650 degrees F (900 C). Its' uses include: grilles, cages, soffitt screening, protective, retention layer in compound filters.

304L Stainless Steel: Similar properties as 304 Stainless Steel but lower carbon content to permit better welding.

310 Stainless Steel: 310 Stainless Steel is a high temperature nickel alloy that has excellent corrosion properties. Can withstand high operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees F for extended periods of time.

316 Stainless Steel: Similar properties to 304 Stainless Steel but is stabilized by the addition of Molybdenum for increased resistance to chemical corrosion.

316L Stainless Steel: Similar properties as 316ss but lower carbon content to permit better welding.

317L Stainless Steel: Increased corrosion resistance compared to 316ss. L grade allows better welding.

321 Stainless Steel: Similar to 347ss and can handle high operating temperatures. Has the addition of Titanium.

330 Stainless Steel: This alloy can handle operating temperatures up to 1650 Degrees F. Common applications include heat treating fixtures & baskets.

347 Stainless Steel: Has similar properties of 304ss but has the additions of Columbium for stability in high operation temperatures.

410 Stainless Steel: Has very good resistance to corrosion & oxidation.

430 Stainless Steel: Has magnetic properties similar to carbon steel but with much higher corrosion resistance. Commonly used in the food processing industry.


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