English to Chinese about wire mesh

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序号 中文 英文
1. 不锈钢丝方孔网(布) Stainless steel wire mesh ( cloth )
2. 密纹网(席型网) Dutch wire mesh
3. 黄铜丝网 Brass wire mesh
4. 磷铜网 Phosphor brozen wire mesh
5. 五综网 Five heddle mesh
6. 铝丝网 (方孔网 ) Square hole wire mesh
7. 黑丝布 Black wire cloth
8. 钢丝网 Steel wire mesh
9. 镍丝网 Nickel wire mesh
10. 紫铜丝网 Red copper wire mesh
11. 预 铁丝网(轧花网) Crimped wire mesh
12. 铁珞铝丝网 Iron luo aluminum mesh
13. 预 钢丝网(轧花网) Crimped wire mesh
14. 预 不锈钢丝网(轧花网) Crimped stainless steel wire mesh
15. 塑料丝网(乙烯网) Plastic wire mesh
16. 尼龙网 Nylon netting
17. 蚕丝绢 Natural screening silk mesh
18. 工业滤布 Industrial filtering cloth
19. 气液过滤网(针织网) Wire mesh for filtering liquid gas
20. 除沫网 Wire mesh foam remover materials
21. 过滤网片 Filtering mesh packs
22. 过滤器(滤芯) Filter series
23. 宽幅网 Wider wire mesh
24. 公路铁路防护栏 High-way and railway wire mesh
25. 隔离网 Wire mesh grating
26. 草原围栏网 Prairie fence wire mesh
27. 荷兰电焊网 Holland electric welded wire mesh
28. 电焊网 Welding wire mesh
29. 大型电焊网 Heavy electric welded wire mesh
30. 特种电焊网 Special electric welded wire mesh
31. 钢筋电焊网 Steel bar welded wire mesh
32. 不锈钢电焊网 Stainless steel welded mesh
33. 小型钢板网 Petite expanded mesh
34. 重型钢板网 Mighty expanded mesh
35. 冲孔网 Punching hole meshes
36. 卷板圆孔网 Roll bending hold meshes
37. 蚀刻网 Chemical rusty mesh
38. 六角网(拧花网) Hexagonal wire mesh
39. 重型六角网 Mighty hexagonal wire mesh
40. 美格网(防盗网) Beautiful grid wire mesh
41. 刺绳(刺铁丝) barbed wire
42. 刀片型刺网 Razor barbed wire
43. 不锈钢刀片刺网 Stainless steel razor barbed wire
44. 建筑防护网 Building safety protecting netting
45. 菱形网 Diamond wire mesh
46. 塑料平网 Plastic plain netting
47. 土工格网 Glass fiber grids
48. 玻纤网格布 Fiber glass gridding cloth
49. PVC裹塑丝网 PVC-coating wire mesh
50. 不锈钢窗纱 Stainless steel window screening
51. 隐形窗纱(玻纤窗纱) Fiberglass windows screening
52. 彩膜窗纱 Membrane-coating window screening
53. 铁窗纱 Iron wire window screening
54. 铝合金窗纱 Aluminum window screening
55. 塑料窗纱 Plastics window screening
56. 狂筛网 Mine sieving mash
57. 保温钉 Heat preservation nail
58. 石油震动网 Oil vibration sieving mesh
59. 电焊网片 Electric welded wire meshes pieces
60. 地板采暖专用网 Floor heating special mesh
61. 装饰网 Decoration wire mesh
62. 输送网带 Conveyer belt mesh
63. 聚脂网 Polyester wire mesh
64. 合股网 Wring many wire weaving
65. 餐盒网 Meal netting mesh
66. 烧烤网 Barbecue wire mesh
67. 分样网 Screening mesh product
68. 编织网套 Weaving mesh pipe
69. 养猪网 Wire mesh for raising pig
70. 遮阳网 Sunshade net
71. 电池专用网 Battery wire mesh
72. 免拆模板网 Fast-ribbed formwork
73. 床面网 For bed wire mesh
74. 造纸网 Paper making wire mesh
75. 印刷网 Print screening wire mesh
76. 超薄丝网 Super thin wire mesh
77. 异型网 Unusual wire mesh
78. 钢格网 Steel frame lattice
79. 电焊笼 Electric melded cage
80. 网筐(周转筐) Netting crash basket
81. 不锈钢工艺品 Stainless steel handwork
82. 不锈钢盘条 Stainless steel wire rob
83. 黄铜丝 Brass wires
84. 磷铜丝 Bronze wires
85. 不锈钢丝 Stainless steel wires
86. 不锈钢纱线丝 Stainless steel yarn wires
87. 热镀锌丝 Hot dipped galvanized wires
88. 电镀锌丝 Electro-galvanized wires
89. 改拔丝 Redrawing wires
90. PVC涂塑丝 PVC-coating wire
91. 无氧铁丝 Non-oxidation ainealed wires
92. 扣丝 Bar tie
93. 小盘丝 Tie wires
94. 拉丝模具 Draw bench norm
95. 编织网钢筘 Reeds for silk weaving
96. 市政围栏 Municipal protection column
97. 机场、码头护栏网 Airport and wharf protection column mesh
98. 工艺围栏 Craft’s column
99. 勾花网 Chain link fence
100. 拧花网 Flection shape wire mesh
101. 特种隔音壁网 Special separated voice mesh
102. 气液过滤网 Wire mesh for filtering liquid and gas
103. 方眼网 Square wire mesh
104. 刺网 Barbed wire mesh
105. 墙角网 Corner of wall mesh
106. 不锈钢席型网 Stainless steel twill mesh
107. 低碳钢丝 Low-carbon steel wire
108. 不锈钢焊接式矿筛网 Stainless steel fusion welded mining machine screen
109. 条缝筛片 Stripe-seam screen packs
110. 焊接式震动筛网 Welding vibration screen
111. 圆筒筛 Tub-shaped screen
112. 弧形筛 Curve screen
113. 包塑勾花网 Plastic covered diamond wire mesh
114. 包塑丝 Plastics covered wires
115. 包塑刺丝 Plastics covered barbed wires
116. 包塑刺丝型柱 Plactics covered columns of barbed wires
117. 铝镁合金网 Aluminum magnesium alloy wire netting
118. 铝镁合金丝 Aluminum magnesium alloy wires
119. 刀片刺网 Inserts barbed wire mesh
120. PMD48-30D波浪型筛网 Crimped high frequency double layers binding vibration screen
121. GZS-1高频框架胎网 GZS-1 high frequency frame tire mesh
122. 冲孔圆孔网 Punching hold mesh
123. 矿筛复合网 Griddle compound screen mesh
124. 玻璃纤维平织窗纱 Fiberglass plain window screening
125. 玻璃纤维窗纱 Fiberglass window screening
126. 钨丝网 Wolfram wire mesh
127. 钼丝网 Molybdenum wire mesh
128. 钛丝网 Titanium wire mesh
129. 银丝网 Silver wire mesh
130. 锆丝网 Zirconium wire mesh
131. 耐高温合金网 Heating resisting alloy wire mesh
132. 耐腐蚀合金网 Corrosion resisting alloy wire mesh
133. 贵金属合金网 Precious metal alloy wire mesh
134. 记忆合金 Memory alloy
135. 因科镍合金 Inconel nickel alloy
136. 哈氏合金 Hast alloy
137. 铁珞铝丝网 Iron chromium aluminum wire mesh
138. 建筑墙面网片 Building wall mesh packs
139. 果篮 Fruits basket
140. 舒乐板网片 Comfortable plate mesh packs
141. 文件筐 Document crash
142. 办公室纸篓 Offices waste paper basket
143. 书刊报搁置架 shelf
144. 花篮 Flower basket
145. 整体高方筛格 Whole, high, box, screen
146. 高方筛格 High box screen
147. 打麦机筛网 Screen for making wheat machine
148. 面粉筛网 Flour screen
149. 不锈钢去石机筛网 Stainless steel screen for removing stone machine
150. 镀锌改拔网 Galvanized redrwing wire
151. 反差席型网 Contrast mat net
152. 电槽网 Wire mesh for electrolytic cell
153. 疙瘩网 Knot wire mesh
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