What are the common wire mesh defects?

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What are the common wire mesh defects?

Broken Holes:

Multi-pieces broken wires at same site to form a hole in the surface.

Broken Wire:

Broken of single wire.

Knot Bulging:

Warp wire not well knotted causes bulging out of the surface.

Wire Doubling:

Two pieces of wire or more get into one. Where there should be only one weft or warp wire, inserted two or more wires.

Loosening of Wire:

Twisting or moving of single or some pieces of warp wire or weft wire.

Rusty Spots:

Colored changed by corrosion. Color spots in the surface.

Wire Back:

The wire coiled, tied or twisted into the mesh forms a protruding above surface. Weft wire tied up called dead coiling. These will mostly cause the opening exceeding maximum opening range, or the wire mesh surface protruding.

Weft Twisting:

Weft wire twists.

Mistaken Weaving:

Some weft wire or warp wire are woven together in error. Easily happen for diamond wire mesh.

Weaving In of Impurity:


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